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Wildside Vet Assistant Duties and Procedures

1. Morning and Evening Animal Care:

  • Begin the day by feeding hospitalized and boarding animals, ensuring they have fresh water.
  • Clean cages, kennels, and living areas of animals, maintaining a hygienic environment.
  • At the end of the day, repeat the feeding, watering, and cleaning process.

2. Sanitization of Facilities:

  • After each use, thoroughly clean and disinfect examination rooms, operating rooms, cages, and kennels to prevent the spread of germs.
  • End-of-day cleaning should include all necessary areas, equipment, and surfaces.

3. Facility Maintenance:

  • Regularly sweep and maintain cleanliness in the WILDSIDE Room and the truck used for transportation.

4. Animal Restraint:

  • Assist veterinarians in safely restraining animals during medical examinations and laboratory procedures.

5. Instrument and Equipment Care:

  • Maintain and sterilize surgical instruments and equipment to ensure they are ready for use during procedures.

6. Post-Surgery Animal Care:

  • Monitor and provide care for animals after surgery, ensuring they are recovering well and in a comfortable environment.

7. Surgical Assistance:

  • Assist in preparing animals for surgery and monitor surgeries as directed.

8. Medication Administration:

  • Administer prescribed medications and immunizations to animals under the guidance of veterinarians.

9. Sample Collection Assistance:

  • Help collect blood, urine, and tissue samples for laboratory testing as needed.

10. Phone Communication:

  • Assist in answering phone calls and making call-backs as instructed by veterinarians.

11. Social Media Content Creation:

  • Utilize available downtime to help create engaging social media content for the clinic’s online presence.

12. Protocol Development and Continuing Education:

  • During slow periods, contribute to the development of protocols and utilize time for continuous education (CE) to enhance skills.

13. Record Keeping:

  • Assist in entering and maintaining accurate records of blood work results and other relevant data.

14. Truck Responsibilities:

  • Assist in turning on and off the truck used for transportation.

15. Driving Responsibilities:

  • Drive the truck to transport animals and equipment, following training provided by the clinic.

Work Schedule:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.


  • Hourly wage: $20/hour.
  • Monthly gas/health insurance bonus: $150.
  • Annual Continuing Education fund: $500.
  • Paid vacation: 3 days per year. Vacation requests must be submitted at least 30 days in advance.