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Dr. veronica Pardini, dvm, certaqtvet

Meet Dr. Veronica Pardini, a dedicated avian and exotic animal veterinarian with a profound passion for providing exceptional care to her unique patients. Her journey into the world of exotic animals began during veterinary school, where she pursued numerous externships in zoos and aquariums, driven by a lifelong desire to exclusively work with exotic species.

Upon graduating in 2012, Dr. Pardini embarked on her career as a small animal emergency veterinarian. This experience not only honed her skills but also laid the foundation for the gold standard of veterinary care she would later offer to her exotic patients.

In 2017, following her heart and passion, she relocated to South Florida to join an avian and exotic animal-only hospital. During her time there, she had the incredible opportunity to be featured on multiple seasons of a NatGeo Wild show, a testament to her expertise and dedication. These episodes are also available on Disney+ for enthusiasts.

While Dr. Pardini adores all animals, aquatic species hold a special place in her heart. In 2022, she earned certification in Aquatic Medicine from WAVMA, showcasing her commitment to diverse facets of veterinary care. Her future aspirations include achieving board certification by the ACZM.

Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Pardini is passionate about spreading awareness of avian and exotic animal veterinary medicine. She actively engages with veterinary students through lectures and contributes to the field by writing papers and book chapters.

Notably, Dr. Pardini serves as the High Alert Institute’s consulting aquatic veterinarian. Additionally, she plays a crucial role as the veterinary healthcare representative in the Space Healthcare Policy Working Group, contributing to the development of animal healthcare and welfare principles for future space habitats.

In late 2022, Dr. Pardini welcomed her first child, Noah, prompting a realization that it was time to turn her dream into reality. Fueled by a leap of faith, she has now established her own practice – a place where she can provide the best possible care to her patients. Dr. Pardini is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to you at Wildside, where her expertise and passion converge to create a haven for exotic animals and their owners.

Dr. Pardini is very excited to welcome you to the Wildside!

Gracie Gudakunst, Veterinary Technician

Meet Gracie Gudakunst, one of our dedicated veterinary nurses!
Originally from Van Wert, OH she moved to Florida to gain more experience with exotic animals.
Gracie has a special love for rabbits – she even has her own lop rabbit friend named Mr. Ollie Carrots.
Gracie finds joy in the distinct personalities of each rabbit and considers interacting with them an exciting experience.
When she’s not working, she enjoys spending her time at the beach immersed in a good book.
What Gracie loves most about working at Wildside Veterinary Health Center is the opportunity to care for a wide variety of beloved exotic pets. She values the relationships she builds with their dedicated owners and finds it rewarding to work alongside individuals who share her love for animals.