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We offer a Veterinary Consulting Service exclusive for private collections, zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries.

What is the Veterinary Consulting Service?

The veterinary consulting service consists in offering in-home veterinary care and evaluating the husbandry of avian and exotic species that are part of private collections, zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries.

The service is done in person at the client’s facility.  During the visit physical exams and husbandry evaluations are included.

This service is unique to each client and is built to assist with the client’s specific needs.

Why do you need a veterinary consulting service?

Specialized at-home care is hard to find, well not anymore! 

When working with exotic species, observing them in their enclosure and evaluating their husbandry is of extreme importance to their overall health and can help improve their quality of life and increase their longevity. 

Also, there are multiple species that can be challenging to take to a regular stationary veterinary clinic for a basic wellness exam, preventative care or even geriatric visit. The veterinary consulting service takes the inconvenience away!

We start by scheduling an online 30 minutes meeting to better understand your needs. During this meeting we will put together a plan prior to the first in-person visit to make the most of our time together.

After that we are ready to schedule our first visit! At this time a deposit of the mobile fee + 1h of visit will be collected, this deposit will be used towards your final invoice (cancellation policy: 24h in advance 100% of your deposit will be refunded).  

The frequency and duration of the visits will differ depending on your needs.  

How much does it cost?

  • 30 minutes first virtual meeting  – $55

Consulting visits are charged by the hour plus the mobile fee.

  • Hourly rate for 2023 – $145
  • Mobile fees for 2023 vary – $65 to $255 (the mobile fee can be calculated through our website or during the first virtual meeting)

Mobile fee prices:

  • Zone 1 – up to 10 miles $65
  • Zone 2 – up tp 20miles $85
  • Zone 3 – up to 30 miles $115
  • Zone 4 – up to 40 miles $155
  • Zone 5 – up to 50 miles $185
  • Zone 5 – up to 60 miles $215
  • Zone 5 – up to 70 miles $255

  • What is included in this price?
    • -Physical examinations (for preventative care, non-urgent sick animals and rechecks).
    • -When needed, a treatment plan will be made and an estimate will be given during the visit. 
    • -Walk around the facility with full evaluation of diet, enclosures and overall husbandry.
    • -Quality of life discussions.

  • What it’s NOT included in this price?
    • -All diagnostic exams – including but not limited to: blood work, radiograph, ultrasound, culture, fecal and urine exam. 
    • -Procedures 
    • -Sedation/anesthesia. 
    • -Euthanasia
    • -Medications
    • -Health certificates
    • -Vaccines

** Before anything extra is done, an estimate will be given for your approval. ** Emergency visits are not part of the Veterinary Consulting Services, but if possible it may be able to be scheduled for a different fee. Not all emergencies are able to be fit in, since we are not an emergency service

  • Even if not included in this price, what can be done during the at-home visit?
    • -We have a state of the art portable radiograph and ultrasound machine.
    • -Blood, urine and fecal collection which may be run in our stationary lab or may be sent to an outside laboratory.
    • -Minor procedures (like laceration repairs, skin biopsies, fine needle aspirates).
    • -Administration of medications.
    • -Euthanasia
    • -Health certificates
    • -Vaccines

Species that we do NOT offer veterinary care at this time:

  • – Pigs
  • – Venomous reptiles
  • – Small ruminants and Camelids

Do you have any more questions or is ready to schedule your virtual meeting?